Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Yesterday we sent politely-worded requests to both the Google Press Offices,, and to the Board of Directors, requesting feedback or a status update on when we could expect fixes for the broken Nexus 4 (and 7 and 10) Google devices,

So today, we went over to one of the more verbal of the Google code forums devoted to Nexus wifi issues -769 complaints as of yesterday - to see if my politely-worded request for a status update deposited there yesterday had received any response.

Discovered that the site was down.

Going to the site,
led us to this:
It's been down for a couple of hours now.  But you know what? The above message is every bit as useful as the ones we have been getting from the Google developers whenever we asked them about when we could expect to have working Nexus 4 phones.

Points for consistency.



  1. I think we got banned from the site after our emails to the board of directors. Trying to access the site gives me an indication that I'm not authorized to access that site. Guess that's one way to minimize complaints.

  2. Was wondering about that myself, so I tried while logged into another Google account. I think the site is really down.

    But that could be because Larry Page got pissed & shut it down. :)

  3. BTW, I am now getting the access permissions error as well, even logged in to Google as someone else.

  4. yields the same error, the whole project is gone.

    Meanwhile, the Nexus 4 is back in stock at, ships in 1-2 weeks.

  5. Yeah, I saw the phone was back in stock. Not even going to consider buying another until a fix is released and tested.

    Google has been so unbelievably non-responsive to this that I honestly believe they could just give up, move on, and abandon the Nexus 4.

  6. Ok, 6:25pm MST the Google code site is back up.

    Oh, and *surprise*! Nobody had responded to my request for a status update:

    We'll see what Larry says, I just sent him a message on g+.