Thursday, January 31, 2013

Count Down

So, in what has turned out to be the daily routine here, we went over to the Google code forum devoted to Nexus 4 (and 7, and 10) wifi problems to see if the developers had deigned to offer up an estimate of time to fix for the wifi problems with the phone.

Nope.  784 complaints on the list now, but in spite of multiple folks having sent email to the Google Board of Directors and to the Google Press Office, and by all reports, one individual (ok, it was me) having sent Google CEO Larry Page a personal g+ message, all indicating dissatisfaction with how long it has taken to even come up with an estimate for a time to fix; nothing.  Still, nothing.

But wait! There's more!

Checking the Google play store, we see that the Nexus 4 is again being offered up for sale, with estimated shipping dates of one - two weeks.  What a coincidence!  Two weeks from about now coincides nicely with when LG has said that they will start producing N4's again.  Actually, what LG said is that they will increase production starting February, but they appear to have stopped production totally in order to "gear up" for higher production.

If I had to guess when Google will finally get a bug fix release out, it would be before February 15.  Otherwise there will suddenly be a lot more pretty Gorilla Glass wifi bricks (GGWB's) out in the wild.

Not that Google has shown any concern or urgency about the estimated half million Nexus 4 GGWB's already out there.


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