Friday, January 11, 2013

Pester Power

Google is aware that people think there is a problem with at least some of the Nexus 4s. Whether or not they believe there is a problem, or instead think the "deep sleep" WiFi behavior is a "feature" as they have previously claimed is another issue.

Yesterday I submitted a bug report from my Nexus 4 using the process described here:

In the comments section of the bug report I included this, references to several of my blog posts about the N4 WiFi problems: (Warning: self-referencing blog post links follow).

A few minutes later I saw via Statcounter that Google was reading those posts, from a Mac, no less. It would have been more totally cool if the Google guy was using a Linux box, or an Android device, at least.

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It's not as good as having Google acknowledge that there is a problem with the Nexus 4, but at least we know for sure that at least one Google developer is aware that people are saying there is problem.

So today, this comment appeared on the thread that is being used to report on the Nexus WiFi problems:

Yay! Google has finally "officially" outed themselves as being aware that there is, in fact, a problem. Let's hear it for Pester Power!



  1. What I find annoying is that it took two RMAs, and escalation to a level 2 rep with the third phone, only to be told that this wifi behavior was a "feature". Then constant pestering of Google via this forum and others, and sending bug reports directly to Google developers with embedded links to my blog posts detailing the problem in the comments section to finally get Google's attention. What!? Is Google doing their Microsoft impression here?

    Of course, if Google *is* patterning their device support infrastructure after Microsoft's, then the one Google developer who has responded to our bug reports on this list will be fired for not having followed procedure (i.e. ignoring customer complaints). Then, Google will hire a new, completely inexperienced developer who will carefully study the problem and declare that the wifi "deep sleep" behavior is a "Feature". And then Google will close the ticket on it.

    Maybe the Nexus 4 is destined to be Google's version of the M$ Zune.

  2. Have you ever been to a bigger Google Developer Event like the Google I/O ? Their lead developers all using a Mac. Maybe 10% of them were using a Lenovo Laptop with Ubuntu / Goobuntu.

  3. Nope, never been, but I took a tour through Google last year, and did notice a number of Mac users. I've got a Mac, but prefer Linux Mint.