Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Beat Goes On

This politely-worded query was just now deposited on the Google Code Forum thread devoted to buggy wifi behavior with the Nexus 4 phone:

Don't want to seem unduly critical, Google Devs, but seriously: what is the deal with the Nexus 4?  It really did take about 2 months to get your attention regarding the crippling wifi disconnect problems with the phone.  And all the while the Google Device Support folks were still calling it a hardware problem and RMA'ing phones any time a person would call to complain about it.

Then, the Device Support folks called the deep sleep wifi disconnect behavior a "feature".

Then one of the devs said that the behavior was due to a buggy Qualcomm wifi driver.

Yet the devs are still asking everybody who is experiencing wifi problems with the N4 and the N7 to provide their router model and firmware rev. info.

Is it really asking too much to get a straight answer?  Two straight answers, actually:

1) WTF is the problem with the Nexus 4, and
2) How long is it going to take before you fix it?

If there are separate wifi problems that affect the N4 and the N7, perhaps you could share that with us as well.

Seriously.  That's all we want to know.

Thanks in advance.


  1. Well except for the "WTF" part of the comment, maybe. Perhaps that wasn't polite. Warranted, probably, but not polite.

  2. Near real-time response (for a change) from the Google dev working the Nexus 4 wifi problems:

    "@DMillerZX, did the WMM setting help ? Can you provide the exact version on the WRT54GL router and the config dump ?

    @dario.lolli, a config dump that includes following is useful:

    Mode: Mixed or g only
    Channel Bandwidth:
    WMM setting:
    Beacon Interval:
    DTM Interval:

    ARP filtering causes data stalls during suspend, but the rest of the connectivity issues are unrelated to this."

  3. My response to his response:

    "@XXXX: If the buggy Qualcomm driver used by the Nexus 4 is what is causing the ARP filtering which is what is causing the wifi "deep sleep" dropout behavior (and probably other data stalls as well), perhaps it would be a good idea to release a patch (you know, like NOW) for the N4 that contained a fixed version of the Qualcomm driver, don't you think?"