Thursday, January 17, 2013

Interesting Priorities

Google has an interesting set of priorities.  They currently have approximately 400,000 Nexus 4 phones out there with broken wifi drivers running  such a badly flawed 4.2.1 version of Android that the phones essentially turn into pretty Gorilla Glass bricks when the screen is blanked.

So where does Google focus their PR efforts?  Well, they put their PR efforts into assuring us that one of their Street View photography vehicles didn't kill a donkey in Botswana.

While we're extremely happy that at worst, the Google vehicle only interrupted the animal’s dust bath, we're not as thrilled with Google's customer support.  Or lack of it, given that it took two months before Google would even acknowledge the problems with the Nexus 4.  And, later,  as a by the way, giving grudging acknowledgement of complaints that the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10's also are having a whole lot of trouble connecting to wifi.

You would think that the Google behemoth would be busting a gut trying to assure its customer base that its new flagship phone would be fixed real soon now.

But they're not.  I wonder why?



  1. Android 4.2 is a total disaster. How could they push such a turd onto their users. Good for you for complaining. I like Google (for all they've done for the web) but users must complain loud or any big corp. will turn into something nasty.

  2. The wifi works perfect with my router (TP-link1043 with openwrt)
    Your comment that 400k Android4 phones are bricks in standby is stupid.
    Never assume that if you and a bunch of other people have issues that this affects all nexus owners.

    The answers from google are as always just a joke.
    They should lay off half of their PR department and hire some good developers instead.

  3. If the problem only happens with some Nexus 4's then there is in fact a production problem.

  4. The Qualcomm driver recognized by the developers will not show up with all routers, in some cases the router will act on behalf of the phone even though the phone has fallen prey to narcolepsy. I'm not surprised the openwrt firmware takes care of the problem for you.