Saturday, March 23, 2013


"It's a hardware bug, we can't fix it. If it were a software bug, we could, in theory, fix it, and we therefore would not be calling it a feature. Instead of calling it a bug.  Which is what it really is. But it would be inconvenient for us to be calling it that."

From one of the Google Nexus 4 product forums regarding the bad wifi/bluetooth interaction on the Neuxs 4:

The Google rep I talked to said this was intended functionality of the device and there is nothing to be done:
Hi James,

Thank you for contacting Google Play Support. I understand you're having trouble with your wi fi and Bluetooth. If I were experiencing this issue I would be concerned as well. I assure you I have the information for this issue.

As we discussed, this is built in functionality of the device. You cannot use both wi fi and Bluetooth at the same time.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this email directly. Also, you can visit our help center at: 


The Google Play Support Team

Of *course* this is "built in functionality. Of *course* Google  designed the phone so that you could not use wifi and bluetooth at the same time.

Oh, and by the way, telling little white lies is a little bit evil.



  1. I'd hate to have a job where I had to lie for a living.

  2. I just sent this email to the Google Device Support Team.


    Hi, Google Device Support Team.

    It's been a while since we spoke, but I recently discovered that someone in your organization has been (I hope inadvertently) disseminating inaccurate information about this Nexus 4 bug, and I thought you'd want to know about it right away.

    Here's the deal: you see, we all know that the Nexus 4 was not designed on purpose to prevent wifi and bluetooth from being used at the same time. We all know that it is a bug. Well, all of us except for Steve, apparently. Here, read for yourselves:

    Now, we all have the utmost confidence that someone in your organization will immediately take Steve aside for a private little counselling session about the inappropriateness of, shall we say, bending the truth regarding this particular flaw in the Nexus 4 product.

    Thanks for your prompt attention to this matter.




    From the moment I put a simcard on my Nexus 7, it’s unable to see the wifi with the "wps failed" message. And yeah there is no fix even with 4.2.2, despite the fact it has been reported for some months.

  4. Same problem.. I had better expectations from google.. Terribly disappointed. Seems bluetooth headset + VOIP/streaming isn't intended functionality of google..

  5. Actually Mayur, I think everybody recognizes that it is intended functionality of a smart phone to have wifi and bluetooth systems that are capable of interacting. Google allowed a flawed design to go to market, and that tells us two things:

    1) Google's QA is deficient, and
    2) Google's customer support is deficient.

    They obviously just don't care about their customer base!