Friday, February 1, 2013

The Natives Are Getting Restless

This could get ugly.  I just took a look at the Google code forum devoted to the Nexus wifi issues.  Here's what they're saying.

It's pretty simple. It's so simple people are having trouble believing it. I had trouble believing it. 

Google hosed WiFi and Bluetooth with their 4.2 release. And they don't seem to be able, or capable of fixing it.
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Or willing, I should have added.
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I would have bought a Nexus 4 when they became available again on the Play store here in the UK the other day but not now. Not after this. What a joke.
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Well, I have an old Ginger Bread phone laying around working off of the same wireless network. This phone never drops the wifi connection but my Nexus 4 on the latest version of JellyBean using the same wifi  drops the connection(devices are side-by-side). How could this possibly be a router issue?
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So let me break this down succinctly so maybe you can grasp this.

1. Users are reporting wifi dropping on devices but they are also reporting that wifi does not drop for computers, iPads, and other similar devices on the same wireless network.
2. Older versions of the Android operating system do not drop wifi.
3. If this were a hardware issue with the Nexus products then 3 manufacturers have issues (the manufactures of the Nexus 10, the nexus 7, and the Nexus 4). Possible but very unlikely.

So, if it's not the routers (other devices work), and it's not the manufacturers (unlikely) then it must be the current Android operating system (older versions work).

What gets me is:
1. Your arrogance where you do not trust what your users are reporting and your arrogance that it can't possibly be a Google has to be a problem with dozens of router manufacturers.
2. Your belief that your users must be stupid where they can't possibly be seeing what they're reporting.

You know, it's perfectly okay to say "we messed up and a fix will be out in the next release". I think everyone here would have appreciated the truth more than the run-around you've been dishing out.
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Re: 800 - Absolutely spot on.
Today (4 minutes ago)
This has become quite pathetic. 

Google used to be held under standards as being great at pushing timely updates and software fixes. Thats what separated them from the rest of the manufactures. 

At this point I will take my changes with possibly the m7 coming out. I almost regret getting rid of my one x at this point. Sure it had sense and was a bit locked down , but at least the thing worked.
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  1. I suffer from the same problem, when a bluetooth headphone/set is in use by sending music or sound to it, the wifi drops to unusable speed. Even although wifi says it is fully connected, wifi eventually does no longer transmit data. Then when disabling sending music/sound to the bluetooth device suddenly wifi works again.

    Solution: The bluetooth transmitter should have as low power as possible. The bluetooth transmitter should not use channel bands in use by the wifi channel.

    Or I should buy a very expensive high gain power 5 ghz router and go 5 ghz for wifi.

    I have tested it with galaxy note 10.1 and galaxy note 2 and 3 routers.

  2. Rumor has it that this problem *might* be fixed in 4.3. We'll see.